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Where the story begins

Welcome to the first post on my new website! My name is Marianne and I’m in my thirties. I live in Norway with my husband and my two daughters. I like to travel and explore the world every opportunity I get. Have been to Hawaii, Bali, Germany, Philippines – where I have family, beautiful Greece, Malta and many more.

But there is one place that touched my heart,
and that is fantastic Dubai.

The city is one of seven emirates in The United Arab Emirates, which is located on the west side of the continent of Asia. There is just something about the skyscrapers, the adorable people and their vision – that nothing is impossible. But the most important reason for going back to this vibrant city is the stabil weather and the fantastic food.

My goal is to inspire, share my experience and give you readers recommendations on restaurants and hotels. Whether it’s your first time there, or it’s a destination you already know, you should find some great ideas and tips.

Published by Marianne

Like to travel and explore new places. Love great food and good looking desserts. I value top service and amazing dining experience. All pictures is mine taken with iPhone.

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